Keynote Addresses

Francis Friedman delivers keynote addresses to tradeshow industry groups both domestically and internationally. His keynote topics are focused on strategic business issues, business development, change and preparing for the future both for the tradeshow industry and for marketing communities.  Each presentation is custom tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization. He will also be delivering presentations on the various aspects and implications of his new book “The Modern Digital Tradeshow”.

Panel Presentations

Francis Friedman’s participation in panel discussions include a more broadly focused spectrum of content and insights related to structural change in the larger society, business development, marketing and bringing people together face-to-face. His insights into the structural changes in the larger society and their impact on businesses and marketing have added a larger and more insightful perspective to sponsor panel discussions and the development of increased audience insights.

“Interactive Engagement From The Stage”

Francis has developed a new approach to speaking and presenting titled “Interactive Engagement From The Stage”. This format is a tightly-focused client centered format where Francis works with the audience from the stage and has the audience interact with each other to generate their own insights and learning from the uniquely designed structure of the presentation.

This Interactive Engagement From The Stage approach is opposite to traditional presentations where a presenter tells an audience the answer or implications. In this new approach the audience itself engages each other to discover answers and insights based upon the structure of the presentation and the goals of the client. This approach is a highly customized presentation for each individual client.

In creating and delivering an Interactive Engagement From The Stage presentation Francis works very closely with each client in extensive pre-presentation research and topic/learning-point development. This extensive collaborative nature of developing these presentations assure clients that this presentation format will engage its audience and will lead to that audience discovering and learning the information and take-away points the client wants that audience to know.

To get the insights, dynamics and topics you seek to engage and move your community, employees or association from the stage, panel discussion, webinar, or podcast, please contact:

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