Francis J. Friedman is President of Time & Place Strategies, a New York City based consultant to the domestic and international tradeshow community. Time & Place Strategies is a pro-active consultancy that supports clients in having the right strategy and plan, in the right place and properly implemented at the right time.


The company provides business building consulting to tradeshow clients in the areas of strategic planning, tactical plan development and implementation, research, marketing and advertising, attendance growth, increasing sales and revenue, and building highly successful tradeshow and event brands.


Francis also works with clients to turn around underperforming events, accelerate the growth of existing events and create and launch new events. He works with Boards of Directors and Senior management as well as tradeshow teams and client outsource providers.


In addition to helping clients focus on specific problems Francis is also able to help clients investigate structural changes in their industry as well as in their target audience community.  Through these structural change studies and next-step recommendations, Time & Place Strategies is able to help clients position themselves to successfully prepare for change and to thrive as the changes take place in the markets the client shows serve.


Time & Place Strategies has also, from time to time, been called upon to provide direct show team management for a specific and defined project. In other cases Time & Place Strategies has acted as an interim executive in implementing marketing, promotion and advertising solutions that resulted in high-value, branded and financially successful projects.


To learn how Francis and his team can help you strengthen your brand, solve problems, increase growth and profits and plan for your future please contact him:

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